The Adventures of Mini-Goddess: DVD Vol 1-3
Original Title: Aa Megami-sama: Chicchai tte Koto wa Benri da ne
Country of Origin:  Japan
Production year: 1998
Director: Yasuhiro Matsumura
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 5-060067-000479
Running time: 0:00 (0 Min.)
Casetype: Digipak, Slip Cover
Format: NTSC, [Color status unset], 1.33:1, Full Frame
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Single-Layered
Collection type: Owned (#16)
Status: Available
Purchase date: March 24, 2003
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 0 / 10
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Super Small = Super Cute!

Whenever Keiichi leaves the house, Belldandy, Urd and Skuld shrink themselves to play with the other residents of the area - including their clueless rat sidekick, Gan. Whether it's a quest to start a rock band or adventures in babysitting, the goddess adventures are dangerously funny!

13. Urd's Babysitting Adventure
14. The Proposal Scheme
15. Welcome, Newlyweds!
16. Phone Me, Darling!
17. SOS in the Big Snowfield, Part One
18. SOS in the Big Snowfield, Part Two
19. Kitchen Fighters
20. Gan-chan's Magnificent Days
21. Ah, My Buddah!
22. The Story of Gan-chan: Love Me to the Bone
23. Let's Form a Band, Side A
24. Let's Form a Band, Side B

Belldandy: Even though she remains the most powerful goddess, Belldandy has the smallest part in this show because Urd, Skuld and Gan usually cause all of the trouble. Everyone always relies upon Belldandy for rescues, compassion and a fine tea service - Belldandy truly represents everything good in the world!
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The Adventures of Mini-Goddess: DVD Vol 1-3
The Adventures of Mini-Goddess: DVD Vol 1-3
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Production Studios:
 • Kodansha
Audio format
Japanese  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
English  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
# Description A B DS DL A DL B
1Episodes 13-24
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Yasuhiro Matsumura....Director
Kosuke Fujishima....Original Material By
Shouji Yonemura....Screenwriter
Chinatu Houjou....Screenwriter
Atsuhiro Tomioka....Screenwriter
Shinzo Fujita....Screenwriter
Yasuo Katsuki....Executive Producer
Kunihiko Ishizaki....Executive Producer
Seiichi Horiguchi....Producer
Shinichi Nakamura....Producer
Syukichi Kanda....Producer
Hideki Goto....Executive Producer
Kevin Chu....Producer
Yutaka Maseba....Producer
Haruyo Kanesaku....Producer
Tatsuya Murayama....Composer
Jun Watanabe....Sound Editor
Michael McCarty....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Shichiro Kobayashi....Art Director
Yumi Touma....Urd
Aya Hisakawa....Skuld
Akemi Okamura....Belldandy (13)/Kaoru (14)
Kikuko Inoue....Belldandy (14 - 24)
Mitsuo Iwata....Gan-chan
Tadashi Nakamura....Narrator
Wakako Taniguchi....Ichiko (13)
Takeharu Ohnishi....Jiro (13)/Sambo (19)/Buddha (21)
Chiyako Shibahara....Juicy (13)
Kouji Sekine....Mr. Helpful (16)/Mouse (24)
Takahiro Sakurai....Kagero (19)
Masami Kikuchi....Jose (19)/Keiichi (21)
Kaori Matoi....Koharu-chan (22)/Mouse (24)
Tokuyoshi Kawashima....Mouse (24)
Kunihiko Higashi....Mouse (24)
Shinichi Namiki....Mouse (24)
Wendee Lee....Urd
Ruby Marlowe....Belldandy
Anthony Mozdy....Gan-chan
Rafael Antonio Oliver....Keiichi
Marie Downing....Koharu-chan
Ronald Allen
Peter Elliott
Ian Hawk
Sherry Lynn....Skuld (uncredited)